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Erin Sports Association

Erin Sports Association

The Erin Sports Association was first formed in 1931 by a group of young, mostly Irish, boys who regularly called Richmond and Grand Trunk streets in Point St Charles their stomping grounds. Originally called the Erin Social Club, their first meeting was held in a backyard shed. Their goal was to form sports teams and join the local leagues as one group.

The purpose of the Erin Sports Association has evolved to promote social and sports activities among its members and within their community and to provide charitable assistance when and wherever possible. They do so in most cases anonymously.


They hold annual events such as a popular Children’s Christmas party, a summer Santa party at the Montreal Children’s Hospital and an annual BBQ in benefit of St Gabriel’s Parish. They assist the Manna Verdun food bank, the Verdun Minor Football Association, The Point Aces Football program and many other grassroots organizations in and outside the neighbourhood.

Over 30 years ago they assumed responsibility for the Irishman of the Year Breakfast. Anyone who has attended since would agree they have done so showing they are second to none when it comes to fundraising events. The Breakfast has allowed the Erin to give back over $500,000 to different organizations in the Verdun, Lasalle & Southwest boroughs of Montreal.

The Erin Sports Association is the embodiment of the values our community holds dear, community, children, families. We congratulate them on their ongoing work.


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Simon McDonaugh

The United Irish Societies lost a dear and valued member in 1992, when Simon McDonaugh passed away and, in 1993, an award was established for the community to remember Mr. McDonaugh's dedication to his heritage and to the humanitarian acts committed during his life. Mr. McDonaugh’s association with the United Irish Societies and the St. Patrick's Parade were long standing. From 1940 to 1979 he served the organization and the annual parade as its Chief Deputy Marshal. During those years he was the inspiration to the marshals and members for the successful implementation of the parades. For many years he took the responsibility, with his colleagues, to build the reviewing stands for dignitaries to review the parades. In later years, Mr. McDonaugh was presented with a Gold Card Membership in recognition of a lifetime of loyal and faithful service to the United Irish Societies and to the annual St. Patrick’s Parade. The memory of Mr. McDonaugh’s humanitarian lifestyle lives on through this award.









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