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Simon McDonaugh Humanitarian Award

The United Irish Societies lost a dear and valued member in 1992, when Simon McDonaugh passed away and, in 1993, an award was established for the community to remember Mr. McDonaugh's dedication to his heritage and to the humanitarian acts committed during his life. Mr. McDonaugh’s association with the United Irish Societies and the St. Patrick's Parade were long standing. From 1940 to 1979 he served the organization and the annual parade as its Chief Deputy Marshal. During those years he was the inspiration to the marshals and members for the successful implementation of the parades. For many years he took the responsibility, with his colleagues, to build the reviewing stands for dignitaries to review the parades. In later years, Mr. McDonaugh was presented with a Gold Card Membership in recognition of a lifetime of loyal and faithful service to the United Irish Societies and to the annual St. Patrick’s Parade. The memory of Mr. McDonaugh’s humanitarian lifestyle lives on through this award.

Simon McDonaugh Humanitarian Award Recipients

1993 Maureen Kelly
1994 Kenny Meehan
1995 John P. Gilroy
1996 William Pidgeon
1997 William O’Donnell
1998 Frank Monroe
1999 Sister Dianna Lieffers
2000 Liam Daly
2001 Bernadette Short
2002 Rev. Thomas D. McEntee C.M., C.D.
2003 Rev. Emmett Johns
2004 Donald Pidgeon
2005 Joseph Quinn
2006 Ann Cruise-Broden
2007 Brian McBrien
2008 Brian Dowd
2009 Edith Cavanaugh
2010 Adrian Bercovici
2011 Janice & Kelvin Berry
2012 Ernie Presseau
2013 Michael Spears
2014 Francis Baddeley
2015 Mabel Fitzgerald
2016 Richard McConomy & Pierrette Sévigny
2017 Erin Sports Association
2018 Cindy & Gerry Tibbo

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